Friday, August 5, 2011

Happy Friendship Day

Another Friendship Day is ahead… This time it falls on August 7. People categorize friends according to the intimacy (friend, close friend, best friend, good friend, just friends, etc). These classifications are not mine, but of my friend Navin. I still don’t know how to do such an exact division especially when it comes to friends like him.

The online dictionary defines friend as ‘a person attached to another by feelings of affection or personal regard’. It can be called as gist of what friendship is. But it may vary from person to person. However, for me, I still couldn’t give a clear-cut definition. None of my friends have similar characters. Each one is different from others.

When I consider friends, I’d count my cousins as my best friends. And my best friend is my very sweet cousin sister, Jyothi. Though, we recognized we share a same chemistry only recently, she stood with me during my ups and downs. Luckily I’ve a group of cousins of same age, a gang of ten… Sreekanth, Alaka, Sarath, Vasudevan, Rakesh, Uma, Sreedevi, Varun (oops…that is my brother), Aravind. We love to have get-togethers each year. We had fights, we quarreled a lot… But, we could sort out everything very easily. That is the strength of our bonding…

Outside my family, I’ve a couple of nice friends apart from the 600 Facebook friends. Soumya, Sreeparvathy, Rishad, Nashid, Shaima, Jas, Sangeetha, Preema, Shahid, Madhavan…my schoolmates! Even if we are far away, we still keep in touch. Together in school wearing the blue and white mix uniform and learning the wonders of world together, we had a wonderful time in our dearest school Peevees Model School.

Then in college, it was completely another world…A simple college with simple friends! Renjith, Vineesh, Sulthana, Sherhana, Deepthi, Seethal and Jithesh comprise our gang. This friendship day, I’m going to celebrate with them in our college. A short film, an article in the college magazine, Les Miserables, bunking classes, strikes, election and cultural fest- three years of degree was awesome.

Next to PG…I can’t say I’d a great time there. The friends I’d there are sometimes closer to me, else not. Still a few names; Meenakshi, Shahistha, Vidya, Nimisha, Rajkumar, Laxmi, Sreelakshmi, Anees, Nithin, Renjith,Ashwathi, Anaswara, Priya, Pranitha, Arjun, Vidhu, Hari and Navin made my days there.

Finally, in my office too all are close to me…Shahan, Nikhil, Basabi, Ayesha, Roshna, Amith, Nimiya! Everyday, we’ve new topics to talk. We enjoy each day and live to the fullest. Apart from them, a few media people are also my good friends. Shahul of Malayala Manorama; Vibin, Anoop, Vyas and Sunesh of Amrita TV; Anoop of Asianet…

Only a few people are lucky to get friends who can understand you well… Thanks to all my friends for making my life colorful! Wishing you all, a very happy friendship day…


  1. Dedicated to all ur lovely friends.. chweet... happy friendship day in advance sweetheart ♥

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