Saturday, September 24, 2011

I'm Back

Hopes, dreams, wishes…We expect best in these three, but most of the times it ends up on a sad note. Whatever happens, life will go on with twists and turns. I too had such a stage when my thoughts shattered, ideas vanished and expressions appeared lifeless… Everyday I think, I should start writing, but I couldn’t.

I feel like I’ve not written for years…Words are still choking, the flow is still lacking in my writing. I couldn’t write for many days. I was about to delete the blog. Then I thought about my readers and friends who always supported and encouraged me even when I’m down. I got a mail from my best friend:

“Keep writing...

That is your way, your life...

Keep writing...

Once the world will bend in front of u...”

The last line may not happen, but those words of my friend were truly inspirational. Now I hope I can write something. I need time to sharpen my notes. But, now I could assure you that whatever happens, the Voice of a Village Girl will never be quiet here after. Wow! Thank God, I could scribble something from my heart even after many days of silence….