Thursday, July 5, 2012

Special Dedication To Someone

Life, dreams, wishes, rain, loneliness, friendship, college days, moments at office, sad and lovely memoirs… I’ve shared a few of these wonderful instants through my blog. Though I cannot say the village girl you find here is the exact copy of me, some elements come straight from my heart. I am sure not many blogger will dare to show themselves fully in their blog. Everyone adds a little extra flavor to make their post appealing to the readers.

Whenever I frame a post, I feel like I am writing my very first article for the blog. But my blogpost count says this is 175th. For every milestone posts, I used to give a list of dedications including my family, friends, teachers, colleagues, readers, X, Y, Z… I was wondering to whom I should dedicate this post. I’ve been thinking the same for couple of days.

On one of my usual routine check of my blog, I found something was missing in it. Yeah! It is the badge of Indi. Indiblogger is the most famous bloggers’ network of India. I tried to access the website and failed miserably. I asked many of my friends and bloggers through social networks. Each and every one gave me many solutions. But nothing worked out. I messaged to Indi through Facebook. They replied me that it’ll be the problem of my network connection as none of the other members came up with any complaints.

Only when the Indi badge disappeared, I understood how crazy I am about this bloggers’ networking sites. There are many reasons for my attachment towards Indi:

  • Indirank:
    I didn’t care Google or Alexa Rank initially. All I checked was whether I got high rank in Indi compared to last month. Indi renews the ranks every month. I never bothered about others rank. I competed with me only.
  • Votes in Indivine:
    As soon as I write a blogpost, I post it in Indivine. Indivine is a platform for other bloggers to read and vote for your article. Each vote is so precious for me. I also voted and tried to encourage other members.
  • Indibloggers/Blogger friends:
    I received several good and sincere blogger friends through Indi. If I start to mention their names, this post will be too long.
  • Blog reading:
    I developed the habit of reading blogs once I joined Indi. I am honored to go through a lot of good blogs and virtually meet numerous great writers and photographers.
  • Special gifts:
    Indi has gifted me a hair care kit with Dove shampoo, conditioner, oil and hair cream in a nice golden yellow cover.

Somehow from yesterday, I’d see the badge of Indiblogger on my blog. If anyone asks me about blogging tips, I ask them to join Indi. This is not a publicity material I had prepared for Indiblogger. Honestly speaking, Voice of a Village Girl survived three years only because I joined Indi.

Finally I found a name to dedicate my 175th post- INDIBLOGGER! Love you Indi and thanks for making my days bright again...!


  1. thanks for suggestion, u r an open hearted girl.

    1. It is my duty to let other bloggers know what I have learned :)

  2. Great to hear that IndiBlogger has helped your blog, and thank you for the post!

    Keep blogging! :-)

    1. I am honored with your comment :)
      Thanks a lot