Saturday, July 7, 2012

Going Out

Days are quiet

Except the rain

Faces are few

Nothing new

Everyday sun rises

To wake me up

Each day sun sets

To make me sleep

Silence is horrible

Hope makes me live

I talk only to me

You’d call me insane

Only trees around me

Dark and dense

I wish to see light

I want to speak

Irritating words

Emotional life

Silent prayers

Sleepy eyes

I am going out

To see the world

To prove my self

I’m a human being


  1. Beautiful one - especially loved the hopeful ending :)

  2. your wonderful words has a mass and it can move the feelings of the readers .."words over mind" really inspiring

    the old anonymous - not the new one

    1. Thanks the old anonymous - not the new one ;)

  3. U expressed loneliness in a beautiful way...