Sunday, July 1, 2012

A Day for Me

I blink my eyes

To ensure I’m alive!

Always I smile

And live like a doll!

Virtual world and chats

Aimless days of existence

I looked for a dream

A wish I always cherished!

Addicted to pain

Sleepless nights

Hard to accept the truth

Still to solve a puzzle!

New goals and faces

Days have moved

Purity and passion

Make me search again!

Thinking of no one

Talks only of me

I’ll be happy that day

With closed eyes forever!


  1. nicely written, roopa. the magic of life is that it reflects back what we create inside. it is essential that we shape our dreams with the greatest care. enjoyed reading.

    1. True Subhorup Dasgupta...Thanks for the comment too :)

  2. I like your blog so much, n u r a great writer, poet etc.

  3. Thanks a lot for your words Sunil Singh