Sunday, July 24, 2011

Stories Without A Conclusion

The topic on which I’m going to write is something that I’ve kept postponing as I myself is a little puzzled about the whole matter. Vettekorumakan temple inside my illam, sarpakavu, Narasimhamoorthi temple, poojas for Brahmaraksas, Thekkekunnu (where the dead bodies of family members are creamted)… There are many places near the compound of my house that are mysterious. Each of these places has a numerous tales to speak out. However, in many of these places, only family members are permitted. So outsiders are not much aware of what is happening inside. Even in some places like thekkekunnu, females are not allowed to enter. Therefore, when outsiders say that they saw figures resembling the deities that are worshipped inside, it is truly a matter to wonder.

“I saw a dream yesterday. I was standing in front of your illam at night. I could see the front door opening. From there, a dark stout man with a beard came near me and told me,’ Don’t worry. Everything will be ok. I’m always there with you”- when our servant, who is an Islam follower told this, I was enthused to hear the whole story. He confirmed it is Vettekorumakan, our family deity, who came in his dream. It can be called as an infatuation of a cancer patient. But one thing is sure, after this dream, his health has improved rapidly.

Another story as told my father is an incident he had seen directly. A couple of years back, when my dad and his cousins where sitting near the gate of my house at night, a man in cycle was going towards our illam. After a few minutes, he came back sweating and shivering. When my dad and uncles asked what the matter was, he pointed towards illam and told, “I saw a dark man with so many dogs. I’m scared. Can anyone please accompany me?”… They understood the matter. He was carrying meat with him. Also the description is exactly that of Vettekorumakan. My dad asked him to throw away that packet. The man did so and went through the same place and did not find anything scary.

It is believed that Gods will roam around at night. Because of that, no one used to sleep in the verandah of my illam. Once, a relative of mine slept to know the reality. At night, he woke up and saw a person standing near him. It seems that person asked him why he was sleeping on ‘the way that I travel at night’…

I’ve just narrated only three of the stories. I grew up hearing many tales like this and the first story I told happened only one month back. You can call it miracles or fascination of minds depending on your faiths and beliefs as I’m still searching for a conclusion on this…!


  1. My personal experience is also a dream what I can't ignore as a silly dream.. Anyway one thing is sure there is a whole lot of positive vibes in places like a 'Kaavu'. If we attend the traditional festivals at these places with a little more faith you will defenitely know the difference! :)

  2. People blindly believe. They believe in believing. They grow in myths and they never make an approach to experience life and know but instead believe. When they start believing, they stop enquiring. They are fed with fear of god and lot of don'ts. Just as roopa said, ladies are not allowed to enter some places. I am not against any god, if i am an atheist it comes from 20 years of ardent belief in god and then a slow transmutation to know whats the truth.

    I don't know whether its necessary to tell all this hear. But then I felt like doing so.

    Religion makes no effort to explain life. It tries to live it. Religion does not take life as a problem to be solved — it takes life as a mystery to be lived. Religion is not curious about life. Religion is in awe, in tremendous wonder about life.

  3. Yes, stories like these are abundant in our villages. Some believe, some don't.

    Nicely written. The ghost which I wrote is not exactly a ghost story, it is a humor story laced with sarcasm. Now, I have added a note at the end to make readers aware of the tone.

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  4. I know its humor.But this one people treat it very seriously ;)

  5. Fiction or not...I got my share of goosebumps, Thank you very much! ;)

    Wonderful read!