Monday, July 11, 2011

Ethnic Thinking

Are we really concerned about ethnicity? I really don’t have a clear idea about it as I’d seen people recollecting memories very nostalgically about their native, while some others hate their own homeland and instead they love the place where they are born and brought up.

Once I was surprised by my cousin’s kid, who is just 6 years, saying that he belongs to Phoenix, a place in USA. He studied his KG in United States. When he sees US flag, he’ll proudly say,”That is my flag”. No one can be accused for this. How can we blame a child who had to spend his initial schooling years in an American school that injects the sense of pride being a US citizen? Also, his parents have a limit to make him understand that they are aliens in US and will have to return to their own native one day.

Another instance I could see is my Banglorean friend who married a Keralite, always tells me that she has to transform into a Malayali. Though, she tells all these, I know she can’t leave behind her roots. Even today, she yearns for a life back in Banglore, the IT city of India. I used to tell her that she must not shed her ethnical identity as she always in her inner mind will remain as a Banglorean. She is not the only one with this story. In India, when a woman is married, she has to leave her home and settle down in her hubby’s native.

We are truly attached to the surroundings where we are brought up, no matter whether it is in your own country or abroad. You may get accustomed to the new place when transplantation occurs. However, you always love to go back to the place that you consider as your home. Because, home is where you remove all your masks and be yourself. It is the same reason why everyone is attracted towards their home as the element of belongingness that we carry cannot be relocated.


  1. so true!! I know how it felt when I was in Amrita studying and the lifestyle there differs so much from Mumbai... had to get used to it but I don't completely agree that we shed our ethnic identity.. we jus adjust a bit but still the roots and its impression is always noticed!

  2. When two persons from two different places get married, both change and imbibe things from the other. And their children they are the real bridges between cultures, languages ..

  3. the land we live in and the culture we share, definitely have a lot of influene on us