Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tusker and Heritage

The majestic Asian elephant is no more a private property. Since the elephant has been declared a National Heritage Animal, there can no more be private ownership of elephants for the simple reason that a National property cannot be owned by individuals alone. These huge creatures have always been an icon of India. It has attracted huge mass of tourists from around the globe.

Elephants have suffered a reduction of over 50% in last 50 years. According to present records, there are only about 25,000 tuskers in India. Their decline is largely due to habitat loss, degradation, and fragmentation, as well as resulting conflict with humans and poaching.

The declaration of the elephant as the National Heritage Animal of India is welcomed whole heartedly by animal lovers. This decision has special significance in Kerala as it has the highest number of ‘domestic’ elephants in the country.

Keralites cannot imagine a temple festival without these giants. As the public exhibitions of elephants are banned under the new rule, all major fests including the famous Thrissur Pooram are now questioned. Government plans to consult the officials of Guruvayur temple which owns 65 tuskers. After these discussions only, the chance of remissions in the rules can be expected.

Man is sharing a part of the earth along with other creatures. So every animal has equal right in this world. We are no one to restrict other’s movements. Its cruel to chain or so called domesticate any creature.

When elephants are taken in processions carrying the idols of God, do you think He is happy? Almighty won’t be so cruel to enjoy one of his creation torturing another. If He finds pleasure in that, He can no longer be addressed as God…


  1. Ninakku thetti...Every animal has unique right in this world... Enthayalum Madambu Kunjoottanu oru assistantine venam ennu paranjirunnu... Nokkarutho...?

  2. No...He says elephant should be domesticated.I cannot agree with him