Thursday, November 18, 2010

Do not Worship, Just Accept

Hinduism, similar to other counterparts, is against female independence and gender equality. Starting with Manu’s quote, “na sthree swathanthramarhathi” or a lady doesn’t deserve freedom; it further explains woman should be protected by father, husband and son in three different stages of life. In all stories, women who obey man’s order without any deviation, is proclaimed as ideal ones.

Seetha is always shown as the best woman with all the essential traits. Is there any other quality she had, other than always being succumbed to Rama’s order even if she actually hates to follow! To add on, her patience was also praised. A female needs the best care during her delivery time. Think about this lady who was left in a dense forest and had to bring up her two kids with the help of a Valmiki! She went through agnipariksha where she walked through the fire to prove she is still ‘pure’ and faithful to her husband.

Krishna left Radha when he went to Mathura. She never hated him for deceiving her. No woman will actually adore such a person when she knows she is no more in his picture. Having too many wives is permitted for kshatriyas, under the law. For that matter, Rama should be admired for not marrying more than one. And it’s just the opposite for Krishna who had 1608 wives.

Taking the case of Draupathi, she was the common wife of Panchapandavas, the five so called great heroes of Mahabharata. She loved Arjuna, but was forced to marry other four ones too.

In Hindu mythologies, Goddess is secondary to God; Deva is every time given the first position and Devi comes only next. The duty of Lakshmi is to serve Lord Vishnu, Paravathi is scared of her husband and even the most powerful Kali won’t go against Shiva.

The texts of Hinduism also say woman should be respected and worshipped. And only those kingdoms and households where ladies are treated as Goddess will be blessed by Lord with all prosperities. From a woman’s side, she never wishes to be treated as a Goddess. She needs the society to accept her as an individual with all rights and freedom. An atmosphere in which her opinions are not rejected in the name of religion, tradition or culture is what makes her the happiest.


  1. Its a good research type writing... Nice to read the way you put it across. Get more of these type...

  2. i agree with you dear in case of Radha and Sita. But not with Parvathy.. Dnt forget about "ardhanarreswara sankalpam".... is it not out of love or respect??

  3. still parvathy comes only second to shiva!!!
    even in ardhanareshwara, lady is nari and man is eeshwara...

  4. without knowing people can write anything about seetha and radha....etc

  5. This is what generally a female who thinks there should be an equality in gender will feel. Anyway thanks for the comment