Thursday, November 18, 2010

Speaking Sin of Utopia

I was shocked when I got an SMS from my friend, “Hei, check our website. They had put your name in the list of those who are placed”. I immediately typed the website id. Yup! My name is there: JOINED CJ, A GROUP OF ACV. (Sorry. I’m not interested in expanding those abbreviations.)

The fact is I’d attended the interview in a journal. I told this to some faculties there. Under some circumstances, I couldn’t go for that job. They concluded it as I joined and even now they haven’t corrected. Along with my name, I saw a few other names of my friends who tried hard from their own side and got one themselves.

According to the site, everything my classmates achieved is just because of the effort from the placement section. But the real fact is the placement cell started functioning for us only in the midst of our last semester. They made us go through some placement tests. These companies either bear the same brand name of our institution or had some sort of tie-ups with the university. Only a very small number of my classmates opted to work in these companies.

I would say my deemed university is simply ‘great’. It will take all credits as its own even if it hasn’t contributed any. But mind it, only credits! Whatever it is, they say all belong to one family. Once you get a seat there, you are a member; though as soon as you finish your last exam, you are a stranger in that campus. So whatever they attain will naturally be the achievement of that institution which is known for its value based education.

Now when other people encourage me saying I’ll soon get a job as I belong to ‘that’ family, I simply leave that place answering nothing. To describe what is going on in that family is simply a waste of time and energy. Even if I try, they say I know nothing and to blabber all these lies itself is a sin. Ok! Let them believe it’s a Utopia full of angels and life was heaven there…


  1. Atlast u did it Roopz.... what u told here is absolutely right.. i am truely agree with you. According to them, it is not placement assurance, but a placement assistance.. we are the first victim of that relaistion... As you said, no point in telling all that. .. Anyway i appreciate you on writing this. Keep the spirit.

  2. Thanx chechi...I was eagerly waiting to come out of the check post of that institution to say this aloud