Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Dada-The Leader

Leaderships are of two types-some acquire while others get it in born. Sourav Ganguly, the legendary cricket from West Bengal belongs to the second category."I wanted to bid adieu to the cricket world with my head held high. I did so and that was a perfect swansong for me."
-these words of Sourav itself say his urge to stand up the order always.Dada as he is called likes to be a leader always... His body language, his words and even his smile speaks that of a captain.
Born in the royal family of Bengal,he has a huge crowd to admire in Kolkata. For them,he is 'the prince of Kolkata' and also 'the Bengal Tiger'. And so when he had any issues, the fans of Dada were ready to give their blood and soul for their hero. Authorities feared to take actions against him because of his fan support.
Sourav is well accepted as the most successful captain of India. He had brought up the team like a phoenix that was weak at all levels into a well set team that could beat any best team in the globe. He has brought many young players into the team like Dhoni, Sehwag, Yuvaraj and Harbajan who are performing well now. He has also handled very well a team containing so many icons like Sachin, Dravid and Kumble.
When Indian Premiere League was introduced and Sharukh Khan bought Kolkata Knight Riders, he has nothing else to think, but make Ganguly the leader. He knew if he keeps Dada as an ordinary middle order batsman, he cannot drive his game with Eden Gardens as the team's home ground. For the second season of IPL, due to the pressure from new coach,SRK had to pull out Sourav and made Maccullum as the new head. The team did not face much opposition from his fans because IPL2 was in South Africa. As usual,KKR failed miserably in that season like the first one in India. All these time Ganguly was silent like a lion that waited for his chance to come. This year Sharukh made all round changes in his team and brought back Ganguly as the captain.
May be every one has many things to blame Dada like he does not care what others have to say and always hold his stand firm,statistics and records has its word to say...

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