Friday, April 23, 2010

Crazy Classmates of Communication

One or two people may be mad, that is ok… but think about a whole class gone crazy. It is the case when you enter into II MA Communication class room. Once you meet any one of these guys, you may think he/she represents the whole class. Sorry you are mistaken, there are many more who are worse than that... It doesn’t mean all are stupid and good for nothing kind. We are intelligent and brilliant in one area or the other.

Oh! Do you want to know more about MA Communication 2008-10 batch? It is a class of nineteen with eleven girls and eight boys. First of all, there are a few ‘qualities’ which are common in all. We are party freaks and used to have parties for anything and everything. All like to try out new styles in costumes, hair, moustache, and beard though most of it looks awkward. Whenever there is a chance to go home, we will vanish from the department. Because of this urge, we are forced to tell many lies to our Class Advisor. Again once we are at home, according to Rakesh sir’s words ‘needs to send at least ten invitations to be back in the class’.

Always it is safer to go in alphabetic order so that no one will be missed out. First is Ananth, the ‘genius’ of the class. He is regarded as the unofficial faculty of Amrita School of Communication and loves to have company with people who is elder and superior to him. Don’t imagine him as a stout guy with sharp looks and all. He is a lean fellow with shabby hair wearing spectacles and always busily running up and down. Next come Anees who is an expert in playing with words of double meaning. He brings nice unniyappams from home. He recites Malayalam poems well and may be because of his family background, he has a proficient knowledge in Malayalam literature.

There is a girl in the class whose hobby is eating words in Oxford Dictionary. Yes, Anu talks English mostly in foreign accents which even many of our faculties could not pick out. But it should be admitted that she is brilliant in making friends and giving advice when needed. Describing about Arya itself is a big task. She has a lot of ideas, but never knows which one to choose. Also she has a hundred suggestions for herself as well as for others which she may try to impose on others many times. Still she is very helpful and caring.

Then there is Denny, a guy who always holds a confused look... He has a good character and is the tallest one in the class. He had a big moustache and every now and then he searches for its remains on his face with his hand. Coming up next is a very special person, Hitha. Her main topics to talk are about her Vadakara slang, Olive Ridley and Manorama. She is very studious and many times her doubts irritate others. Laxmi is the most charming girl in the class. She forgets everything including her password and asks others to find out what it is. She is cool and fun loving.

You can’t expect a Mumbaikar girl without cosmetics. This changes when you meet Meenakshi. Her full name is bigger than her size. Cell phone is her weakness without which she can’t survive. In the beginning itself, Nimisha had asked not to mention about her rowdiness. But she cares her friends wonderfully and still talks about loneliness. She is very hard working and likes to be a leader always.

Ok buddy, here comes Nithin or Tom of the class who always fights with Jerry. He is a Gandhiji type of person who stands for peace. His trade mark is his smile and has many fans in the department.Then we have Prakash, popularly known as Pappu. Many times his doubts used to terrify our teachers. He is a good dancer and in our first semester, he had done a ‘wonderful’ performance in class.

Ragav is the class representative. However when he is doing some presentation, if you are in front of his eye-sight, you may feel he is taking class only for you. He has a beautiful smile and is very good at narrating the stories of movies. Rajkumar, our big boss is an encyclopedia of movies. He is the only Coimbatorean and so he knows nook and corner of the city which is a great help for us during reporting. He sleeps well in the class and whenever he is awake, he will raise some questions which others may take up and debate on that while he’ll be busy back sleeping.

Some times you may find that guy wearing contact lens with shabby hair and beard, else with a neat ‘school boy’ look. He is Renjith, a man of great wisdom. He is good at philosophies which many times he himself find it hard to absorb. Then is Roopa, a girl whose area of interest varied from Orkut, Buzz, chatting till blogs at present. But her all time hobby is irritating others with her stupid forward messages.

Shahistha, our cute Jerry who is also awarded the name ‘Malappuram Rowdy’ by our Class Advisor. In cartoon, Jerry is scared of Tom; here it is just the reverse. Her main weakness is ‘samoosa’. Next is the controversial queen Sreelakshmi. She loves subjects of controversy. She is very careless and because her friends know this and help her out, she still has a laptop and an N70 mobile.

While asked about what to write about Varsha, one of the classmates said just to put a question mark. It’s almost true; our Barbie is always in her world of thoughts. She is a voracious reader and cleans her room the day before she leaves home. Finally it is Vidya, who is considered almost normal. She is the class topper and the class representative. She sings Malayalam film songs ‘well’.

That’s from this world… But it is sure that there won’t be another batch in ASCOM like us who can be as crazy and creative…

(This was written for the STOP PRESS magazine which couldn't come out because of technical factors and all the credits for this article goes to Aparna Ma'm who insisted me to do it)


  1. hey hey!!
    good one....realy nice...
    later wen i read it, it ll bring bak all the nostaligic memories...
    keep writin :)

  2. rly coool...

    but got to know u all at the time u r leaving..

  3. well, i have to add so many things to this. well, the village girl got stuck up in the well. why didnt u write abt the rock star walk of our lady Anu? or the meek yet poking fun of Nitish, who arguably is the only one I used to line-marofy in the whole department? or the blue tinted contacts of Renjith, along with his crass, saintly hairstyles that made him what he actually is----dracula? or that the samosa walks up and enticing the filmmakers and a poor faculty with equal eyes for hot chicks and hunks? and more than ever why didnt u write abt the girl who calls herself village girl, but is actually quite a....bombshell with words? and much more than ever why didnt u write abt the SB of the who used to make me feel so bad abt not being a man?

  4. and hey no more makes me feel a bloody brothrel owner...

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  6. hey..........u under estimated sreelaxmi.......:) Perhaps this article may b her next topic for controversy.....Beware!!!:)

  7. thakarthu moole... really touching...
    wish to be back in that stupid class

  8. its very nice chechi....poi kaynjitaanu ningalae kurichu okae ariyunadhu..hmm....

    all the best 4 ur future ....rock on:):):)

  9. its so nice of you..
    thanx dhanya

  10. Hi RPZ, very good notations + good use of your creativity. BRAVO roopz...cheers

  11. hei pappu,its so bad that you are reading it now only...after two years since i wrote...anyway special thanks for your comments...

  12. A perfect description of people :)

  13. very nice....really enjoyed...!