Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Another IPL Story

Last Sunday, it was the day of IPL final.As my cricket crazy junior friend had gone home and because Mass Communication department students are in 'good terms' with hostel wardens, I decided not to ask them to switch on the TV. But I heard lots of cheers from the first floor where the TV is kept. I thought it may be some local reality shows that used to draw so much of audience. Still I could not manage myself to sit in my room. I went upstairs.

Oh! it was IPL. I never imagined my hostel, Gargi Bhavanam had that many cricket fans. My MCA friend told the place was full to watch the cultural performance before the match. I went to my room, had a bath and rushed back to get a front seat.

Finally all were set to begin....Chennai Super Kings won the toss and elected to bat first. Though it was a slow game, as usual while watching a cricket match, whenever any batsman hits six or four, everyone cheered. Each applause was accompanied by a shout from warden's office asking us to be silent. So we had to watch it very silently which took away the beauty of watching a final.

By sharp 9.30, attender came to switch off the TV. A few girls went and 'begged' for allowing them to watch it till eleven. Warden rejected their request as 'they don't have permission to put on the TV after 9.30 and next day is a working day'. When they announced what she told,there was an absolute silence. Slowly every one left the place quietly.

In between a girl was murmuring, "I wish I'd be a boy so that I can give a blow on her face and continue watching the match". From the next door, that is the boy's hostel, I could hear cheers, claps and applause...