Monday, June 18, 2012

Raining All The Way

Oh my raindrops
How do you shower memories?
You make me laugh aloud
You make me weep silently!
Oh dear memories
How’d you come down with rain?
If good, you are too good
If bad, you are too worse!

Foggy and misty dawns
Walks and talks in the rain
Naughty looks and notes
Started and paused in the rain!

Raining all the way
To break midnight’s silence.
Droplets trying to hug earth
Roots absorbing without mercy!

Lullaby of rain make me sleep
Cool breeze soothe my mind
On my way to dream world
Without any haunting memoirs!


  1. too many thoughts going at same time huh :D good though not one of ur best works !

  2. Rains sure have their way of playing with your mind!

  3. Rain has been always enchanting. Good depiction.I loved it.

  4. Lovely! Thanks for stopping by my blog.....

  5. "Oh Raindrops how you pitter patter on Earth
    Oh that symphony, that music for heart
    You come down and immerse me all
    In that mystery and endlessness et al"

    The only thing I now miss is some Ginger tea and Pakodas.
    Well done, Love the lyrics.
    Keep Blogging.

    1. Thank you for the quotes Bulls Eye :)