Wednesday, May 30, 2012

IPL5: An Informal Overview

Watching SET MAX was a part of my daily routine for past 2 months. Even if Indian Premiere League is over, my fingers automatically press that channel’s number in my remote control. It’ll take time to get rid of that hangover though I should say that the craze for this domestic limited edition cricket game has reduced compared to last five seasons. However IPL season 5 has created a lot of controversies. Check out a few thoughts of mine regarding IPL5 (some points may be crazy; all that I write here is my own views):
  1. Autocracy Ends:
    When Chennai Super Kings somehow entered the playoffs, everyone predicted CSK is going to be the champions of IPL5. But Kolkata Knight Riders won the title in an exciting finish. My first reaction in Facebook about the KKR’s victory was: “Autocracy ends… IPL6 will start and stop at Eden Gardens”.
  2. Shahrukh’s Showoffs:
    While watching the final itself, I told my brother that Shahrukh Khan’s braggers will be on its peak if his team wins. Like my prediction, Shahrukh was running through the ground blabbering too much whenever he got a mike. Cameras were behind him to get his comments and actions. One thing has to be admitted, he is a good entertainer.
  3. Actors, the owners:
    Apart from the performance, some teams in IPL had a little more attention because of being star owned franchises. Yet the Bollywood team owners acted bossy many times taking away the glamour. We saw Preity Zinta arguing with umpire and SRK misbehaving at ground staff that resulted in a ban for him in Mumbai Cricket Stadium.
  4. Match fixing and other controversies:
    IPL too couldn’t escape from the trap of match fixing. Five players Shalabh Shrivastava, T.P. Sudhindra, Mohnish Mishra, Amit Yadav and Abhinav Bali were suspended after a TV channel came up with a sting operation. Again, two cricketers from Pune Warriors, Rahul Sharma and Wayne Parnell were arrested for using drugs in a party. Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Luke Pomersbach was arrested for molesting a foreign lady.
  5. Lalit Modi and his tweets:
    Reading the tweets of former IPL Chairman criticizing anything and everything about IPL served as a good past time for me.
  6. Business everywhere:
    In this game, six is called DLF maximum and catches are Karbon Kamal catches. You can see every player covered with logos of many brands all around his outfits. Owned by MNCs, IPL teams and players are simply slaves of these companies. They throw away players who don’t perform well and choose only those who can bring profit to their ‘businesses’.
  7. Shoot females:
    I observed that this time camera mainly searched for female faces among the audience. Also, the dresses of cheer girls are getting shorter and shorter. Although Pune Warriors India tried to give traditional touch to the cheerleaders, it was awkward to see them playing break dance in Mohinyattam costume.
  8. Fair Play Award:
    Rajasthan Royals lead by Rahul Dravid won the Fair Play Award. The decision to choose this team is appreciated by all as the skipper himself is the perfect example of decency.
  9. Decreasing newsworthiness:
    I am really surprised to see that the space given for IPL in news paper and channels have reduced drastically.
  10. Rising stars:
    In spite of all drawbacks, IPL still is the best platform for regional players to shine and show their top performance. Players like MuralI Vijay of CSK made his entry directly to national team after his brilliant performance in IPL.
  11. Colonial Twist:
    The scene of international players respecting Indian National Anthem on the final day of IPL made me think in a new way. Once we were forced to respect and accept colonial way of life. Now they are coming to us for knowing the ethnic culture of the country although it is in the name of cricket.
  12. Unity in Diversity:
    Kevin Pietersen and Mahela Jayawardane who played against each other ferociously for their national teams just before the IPL, batted together for Delhi Daredevils. That is the unity of IPL which makes it special and popular unlike other games.


  1. good take on IPL :)
    money honey money :P

    Apart from that, KKR played well throughout the tournament, while CSK rocked in play offs...
    Happy to see an Indian as a match winner for KKR.

    1. Even though I hated KKR, this time I really appreciate the effort they had given to rise as champions

  2. liked your post!! all facts. but it was indeed a good timepass for me.

  3. Good observation though I wud had preferred u wud have mentioned the cricketers that were banned!!! that part was vague... abt unity i completely agree... abt colonial rule i doubt.. i think in today's time every1 respect every country national anthem where they are.. Though i wish the reason IPL had come to existence is not lost.. its just about commercialization now and somewhere its sole purpose is lost!

    1. True meenz and thanks for the suggestion

  4. I have to read my mind... i also gave a thought about SRK's freak show after winning causing many casualties and mebbe some of his fans after creating a tough time for them. Making a mistake and then appologising is not a very smart way to act in public. Also the camera eye is becoming more naughty and searching all through the cheerleaders when it was supposed to be chasing after the ball that was hit six or four. The national anthem being honored by Eurpeans or the British rather was indeed a proud moment for me tooo. And did you notice the millions and billions that were offered in the names of centurines, best catch, best bowler, best batsmen....If that was the case, then we should have learned cricket instead of BA and MA. pinne kure undu almost the same as above...

    1. Thanks for such a detailed remark Ann... And nice to know there are many people who think crazy like me :)