Monday, April 18, 2011

When It Rains...

It’s an exclusive planet,

It’s a gift of nature,

With all special memories,

With fine touch of rainy feathers!

Elephant hills,

Covered with mist and snow,

The hump I always admired,

The hills to which I talked most!

Blocks of bricks,

Bungalows of luxury,

Crystal clear pool,

Children’s park to slide…

Dancing peacocks,

Singing cuckoos!

Hilarious hostel rooms,

Hauling girls!

Getting out,

Yelling high,

Enjoying fullest,

Fearing nothing!

Waving evergreen lawns,

Winking at colorful flowers,

Walking through the wet roads,

Wondering about Mother Nature!

Chatting all the way,

Clapping all the while,

Everywhere its aroma of fresh soil,

Every species enjoying!


Rhythm of showers,

Reviving thoughts,

Reflecting memories…

(I started writing poetry one year back. I wrote my first poem on a rainy day from the land of elephant hills; Ettimadai. Everything is perfect there except human beings)