Sunday, April 10, 2011

A Big Massacre

Massacre! Massacre! Happening again and again… More than 600 lives were taken this time. It is not what you think! Should ‘life’ always mean human being? If you had ever thought so, you are mistaken! There are other forms of life. Even then, it is not only the beings that can move… Many silent lives making no sounds live here. You call them trees. They lead a still life helping other survivors of this planet giving air, holding water, food, timber, shade, etc etc…

Well! Coming to the point, around 600 trees are slaughtered within 20 kms in Malappuram district. From Nilambur till Pandikad, (which is also the border of Kerala) huge trees on both sides of the roads are cut down in the name of road renovation. Most of the trees were planted by British before 100 years. The greenery of this place has attracted tourists from other states. As of now, majority of trees are ‘killed’ and a few numbered trees are left waiting for their slaughter.

Not many people, however, support this slaughter as they loose the cool and cozy atmosphere. “There was a big tree in the middle of this Wandoor town. Now it’s gone. And so when I go home to have lunch, I come back late in the evening as it’s hard to stand under this damn hot sun” says Santhosh, an auto driver. It is not that the roads here are jam packed with vehicles. There is traffic; but the lanes have not been in such a state that vehicles can’t move at all.

What have these silent beings done to authorities? They only supported other lives to grow. It takes years for a tree to grow and a few seconds to slaughter it. We had never given life to any of these and so we can’t be its killers too. Even if we kill it, they won’t cry! They simply die with a smile in front of us. It is their silent curse that will haunt us in coming days, which no air conditioner can substitute!


  1. start Chipko Movement der!!!!

  2. Trees are already dead...No movements can bring back their life

  3. Most of these things happen because we lack foresight. We are only looking for instant solution for a problem. If it leads to another problem later, then we will deal with it then. As long as we fail to have a holistic approach, such things will happen!!!