Friday, March 12, 2010

Something to remember

Indu--does this name ring a bell in your ears? Hope it does. She was one among us, the MBA student who took her life last Tuesday afternoon. This unfortunate incident happened in Gargi Bhavanam, the PG girls’ hostel of Amrita University. The leap she took from the third floor was a leap from life to death.

One could easily identify the MBA girls’ hostel wing block with the cheerfulness and chirpy sound that felt soothing and irritating at times. We would wonder can there ever be a day that can go without their hustle-bustle. It happened on that fateful Tuesday… But this quietness was absolutely terrifying.

The saddest part is, even when that wing was still, some others where having fun in their own private world. Evening, when some first years of the same wing were informed about the incident their answer was quiet shocking and paved a way for giving out this report. They cannot be blamed as they were unaware of this incident and they could not see anything unusual with the girls sitting in the portico and having their tea and snacks laughing around. It was true; many were busy with their gossip and silly discussion. There were other few trying to get juicy information. But none of them faced the reality; there was one among us gone forever…

Whom to blame for such an attitude, the youth or the society…? The culprits are not just the so called ‘fun loving’ youth. Every one must know the real meaning of ‘humanity’. It is not only the charity and service alone but also something called relationship that should be nourished within us. It is necessary to develop this bonding among the individuals with whom you are associated in life. Then only we can be called as HUMAN BEING.

One should not forget, today it was someone we didn’t know or was only an acquaintance but some day it can be our close ones. It could be that girl or a boy whom we smiled while crossing the path but never took a few minute to know them more. We lose a chance and special moments that could have altered our life. Someone might want to reach us or maybe we reach someone touching their heart. No one’s life is so meaningless to be forgotten or erased in a day or two. Every soul needs to be respected our chance will come to …

Indu, taught us a lesson even while departing, life is too short and unpredictable… We need to live every moment of it… Do not give up your close ones for coping with the tedious world and their pressures … Everything we have will be lost when we are gone… The only thing we can ever leave is our memories and bonding we ever shared… Do not lose the chance we are being given… This might be our only chance to really live not only for ourselves but also for others.

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  1. This is cool and stricking. Emotional tooooo.
    U have a g8 talent. I like the personal way of writing approach. Some what like Ann Frank. Anyway, keep writing.