Friday, March 19, 2010

Peevees-A World which I Can't Deny

I was expecting this from somewhere.So it was nothing new when my school friend asked me to write something about Peevees Model School.But my dear girl...what should I write,what can I write,how will I write and about whom should I write???Your question has made my nights sleepless.I can't blabber something about that institution where I'd found the real meanings of knowledge,love,compassion and friendship.

Peevees,it was not just a school...It is a world of dreams,ambitions,expectations and hopes.I would call it my fairy land.That institution has shaped me into what I'm now.I was in Peevees for 5 years and its the best time I ever had.Even now,when I see the school bus or a kid in that uniform of blue and white checks,it make me stand still.I'd always prefer to be known as a Peeveeite than by any other designation.

To write about teachers,they are the best teacher cum friends I'd ever seen.We could ask anything from academics to their love affairs.I used to wonder how they can be so open to their students.Their commitment towards us was the only factor that made them not to fly away from Peevees.I don't know whom all to mention.Still I owe each and every bit of what I'm to all my teachers there especially Urmila Ma'm who was with me from the day I entered my school in LKG to the day of farewell in XII; Binu Sir,Salam Sir,Kuruvila Sir,Sasikala miss,Sadique Sir,Subash Sir,the names are endless...

Now coming to friends.If you are a peeveeite,you will know what is the specialty of PEEVEES FRIENDSHIP.Something pure and sacred.It may be one year or even a month,you will get a bunch of friends whom you'd never find anywhere else.You can contact them for anything and everything.They will stand by you when you need a support.Whenever I'm down,I used to call anyone and soon I'll be relieved.I may not speak to them about my problem,but the way they talk,the amount of care they show itself make me relax.Sometimes they used to call me when I feel I'm in need of a friend.I used to wonder how could they read my mind.If I start mentioning any one name of them,it will end up in a big list which is too long for others to digest.

I wrote something because I can't deny any requests from my Peeveeites.I don't know whether it has any readable stuff.But I'm happy that finally I could manage to write about Peevees and so I could sleep well today...

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