Monday, May 18, 2015

Amma, My First Expert

Time is 10.30. I just completed my works at kitchen though a few utensils are yet to be washed. I still have time till 4 o' clock to finish up my role as homemaker and rush to my office. Yet I find it hard to manage time. Usually, I post almost on the same day for any Indiblogger competitions. These days I must admit that I rarely scribble anything for contests. My life is absolutely busy. Only time left for me to read books is while making dosas. With one hand I'd make dosa, while other will hold a book. Even then I've to renew books from library once or twice before I reach the last page.

Here is Amma, my mom who keeps wondering me. She reaches anywhere and everywhere before time after finishing all household duties. Early morning, she'd get up. After the morning affairs, she rushes to temple. Then to kitchen. From breakfast till evening snacks, she cooks within two hours. In five minutes she'd be ready to go to her office. It's not just a salwar, but saree that she has to wrap around. She dresses so neatly without exposing. She will be one of the first to reach office.

Once her work is done, Amma will be back home by around 6.30 pm. She makes a glass of tea or boost and eats a few snacks or leftovers of breakfast. A few minutes of rest. Then dinner making and eating. She'd have some chitchat with us. Finally she'd watch comedy programs in TV and then to bed.

I've talked and seen many busy people. Yet Amma is my guide for time management. In between all these busy schedules, she finds time to care, love and makes her family feel special. I am so blessed to be born as your daughter. Thank you Amma!

(This post is written as token of love for my mom 
as well as for Godrej MY FIRST EXPERT contest.)


  1. Wonderfully written. Very true! Other mothers accomplish so much which we mere mortals seem to struggle with. Thank you so much for your kind words on my blog.
    Much Love

  2. Perhaps, that's why they are called Mothers. lovely post. and its nice to know about your relationship with your mom. :)
    A Rat's Nibble