Sunday, February 1, 2015

Just A Chat Away


I have wondered how people could speak over phone for hours. My subject to talk in phone will be ended by maximum of one hour. But I had days where I used to spend 5-6 hours chatting with my friends. Whether it is sms, apps or Gtalk, I managed to extend conversations. Here are the main three reasons for my love to chat:

No need of face-to-face talks

Great people say decency is to speak face-to-face. If we are far away or if we could not handle an emotional person, chatting is the best option. We could easily convince a person to accept the reality by means of non-vocal ways especially chat. Moreover, you could communicate with a fellow who lives on the other side of the globe without wasting a huge amount of money as phone bill. All you need is an internet connection which cost no more than Rs. 1000 a month.
I could message my husband or my family about the important updates. In case of phoning, they might hang up saying they are busy or even cancel the call. While I message, they could look out when they are free. It will be there in their phone or computers.

Friends and family Groups

I am constantly in touch with my cousins at America, Europe, Africa or Middle-East. We are connected by social media chats or messenger services. Same is the case with friends. I am an active participant in all the groups I’ve joined. I know what is going on in my friends as well as relatives’ circle. They would update me even the minute details like what is the curry there for lunch, from where did they buy their new dress, how did they manage to drive their kids to school etc. Along with them, I too feel the pressure they face for exams, the mood swings they face and so on. Gossips and appreciations are shared well via chat more than phone calls. Smileys add colors to it. If we bear the ‘smiley’ expressions on over face, it’d be really awkward!

Romance at its best

In earlier days, lovers used to express their feelings over love letters although they may meet once in a while. This proves romance can be portrayed by written words rather than speech. As technology grew, written letters paved way for electronic means. Messengers and chats took over the show. E-mails are also rarely sent by couples. Guys or girls who are committed will be busy typing in their laptops or mobiles. If you are unsure about this, just check a few college hostels (school hostels too).

Letters express the untold feelings and thoughts that our vocal chords fail to articulate. Days are awesome when you come to know your friends and family is just at a click away.

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  1. Cool article, I spend almost half day on chatting, and u wrote the perfect reasons for that ;)

  2. I agree on all the points - specially the romance. One can relive the moments by reading the history.

    1. Ya exactly! Nice to see your face here after a long time :)