Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Let’s not close it soon

My words speak better than sound,
My letters tell better than tone.
Writings are my habitats,
Know me nowhere else.

I stood lonely in darkness,
You held my hands softly.
I asked to move away,
You left silently…

No tears in my eyes,
Yet my lips shivered once.
With hours of silence,
I had to sigh forever.

Sweating me and summer,
Both yearned for a rain.
To survive with smile,
To cool ourselves down!

Never forget to look back,
To find me at the place we met.
I stand frozen and still,
As showers touched me not!

A chapter is easy to turn off,
We have many pages left,
Puzzles and problems ahead,
Let’s not close it soon.


  1. Awesome!!! Yes chechii Let's not close it soon!! way to go!! :)

  2. I chanced upon your blog while searching for a good kerala painting, which happened to be the pic in one of your write-ups.. You write well, poems reflect feelings well, but a post a couple of random readings, your vein seems to carry the same emotions; maybe its a poor & quick interpretation on my part.. for a change, get involved in community service, explore & expand your subjects of writing, develop new interests & expand your social circle: maybe its time the village girl needs transformation & address bigger social issues..again its my interpretation only, plzz..

    1. You are absolutely right. I have been carried away by certain emotions. I am trying hard to get away from those chaos. In shaa Allah! Hope I could write something worthy soon

  3. "i asked to move away,
    you left silently..."
    explains some deep seated emotional turmoil :)

    1. Emotions travel so deep into our hearts. Thanks Rakhi for your lovely feedback